Swimming with Turtles and Dugongs

The chances of sighting a dugong in the Red Sea are increasingly low, with the population estimated at less than 1000 Dugongs. However there are places where the waters are shallow and carpeted with greenery, accessible from the beach, near Marsa Alam in South Egypt, where you may be able to meet the Dugongs and take the unique opportunity to swim with these magnificent creatures.

Dugongs are large herbivorous mammals (up to 3m in length) and are called “sea cows” because their diet consists mainly of plant plankton. So they won’t try to eat you! These strange creatures are unfortunately threatened with extinction and their numbers are gradually decreasing, making observing dugongs a unique and privileged moment.

Swimming alongside turtles and dugongs.

Besides the dugongs that we may be lucky enough to observe, there are many other interesting creatures that visit the seagrass beds. Abu Dabab is the place where large green turtles are very often present. They frequent the reef and also graze on patches of lush grass. Turtles are very often accompanied by a remora which sticks to them to benefit from their protection in exchange for cleaning their shell. You can come across several kinds of rays there, including the guitar ray.

Abu Dabab is a semi-circular bay with a sandy bottom covered with patches of sea grass, relatively shallow, but the size of several football fields where turtles are observed almost every day and dugongs on average 4 to 5 times a week.


How the day went

Here is the program developed by us to help you have a dream day (ideal timing…):

Very early in the morning, we pick you up from your hotel to go to Abu Dabab (about 3 hours drive). On the way we see the port of Safaga and the small village of El Quseir.

Finally, it will be time to get into the water and you will set off for your first exploration of the seabed.

Lunch at the restaurant on the beach.

You will have time for other snorkeling periods in the afternoon. or stay on the beach, or go swimming. The water is very warm in summer!

Then we will reach Hurghada at the end of the day.

Rate :

On simple request


Understood :

AR hotel transfer

Beach access

Snorkeling instructor

Snorkeling equipment (fins, mask, snorkel)


Extra :

Possibility of diving on site 


How the day went

Same as the individual excursion, but with other participants, maximum 8 people.

No. of Person Price Per Person
4 participants 70€/person
5 participants 65€/person
6 participants 60€/person
7 participants 55€/person
8 participants 50€/person

This excursion is planned EVERY FRIDAY.

When registering, you will pay a deposit of €50/person.

7 days before the excursion, you will be informed of the number of participants and the price to pay.

If there are at least 4 registered, you will pay the possible supplement (nothing if there are 8 participants).

If there are less than 4 registered, the price applied will be that of the “individual” excursion. In this case, you will then decide whether or not to maintain your registration. If you cancel, your deposit will be carried over to other excursions or refunded.

If you confirm, you will pay any additional payment.